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Age UK’s Itea & Biscuits Week is back for 2012!

Age UK’s Itea & Biscuits Week is back for 2012!

Submitted 16 September, 2012 - 17:44
Get a taste of technology - Itea and Biscuits Week 17-23 Sep 2012

Go ON Gold is backing Itea and Biscuits Week (Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd September) which sees Age UK encouraging older people to find out more about getting on line.

And as a number of elderly people have dexterity, sight, hearing or disability issues Go ON Gold, which is focused on helping people with disabilities access the internet, it’s an ideal week to draw attention to the services this new initiative can offer.
Now in its fifth year, Itea and Biscuits Week is an annual campaign run by national charity Age UK. With 5.4 million older people having never been online[1], and 95% of older people having never used a smartphone[2], the Week aims to introduce people in later life to a variety of digital technology.  Technology can be invaluable, from using mobile phones and the Internet to keep in contact with loved ones more easily, to snapping those heart-warming moments in life with a digital camera.

So if people are finding themselves bamboozled by modern technology, Itea and Biscuits Week is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what the Internet and other digital technology can offer.

During Itea and Biscuits Week, Age UK will also be calling on people of all ages who are already online to become a Digital Champion by helping an older friend, family member or neighbour to use the Web.

David Mortimer, Head of Digital Inclusion at Age UK, said: “Age UK runs Itea and Biscuits Week to help older people discover and experiment with new technology, often for the first time. Technology really can be pivotal in later life, allowing people to keep abreast of news and information and stay in contact with friends and relatives, helping to combat loneliness and isolation.

“On top of encouraging older people to attend events during the Week, we are calling on anyone who knows how to use technology to become a Digital Champion by passing on their knowledge of mobile phones, the Internet, ipads and anything else to an older friend, family member or neighbour they know.”

Call our Freephone advice line – 0800 169 2081 – to find out details of our free events taking place across the country.

For more information about Itea and Biscuits Week and handy tips on becoming a Digital Champion, please go to www.ageuk.org.uk/itea-and-biscuits

And for more information on how to get internet help if you have, or are helping someone with, disabilities look at the Go ON Gold resources section here: http://www.go-on-gold.co.uk/resources


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[2] Adults media use and attitudes report, Ofcom, March 2012, p.17.